One of these five mistakes could be the make or break between having a Social Media Marketing Strategy that is doing a disservice to your business to one that legitimately earns a return on your investments

Strong strategies will get your wine services and products in front of the right people, have the world talking about your brand and help nurture your business success, whereas thoughtless marketing, can do the complete opposite.

If you are not exactly satisfied with the Social Media Marketing efforts within your business, then perhaps your team is making one of these major errors that could be avoided!

1. They are focusing on quality over quantity.

Yep, read that again. They are spending too much time making things look pretty and not enough time getting things out there. Ultimately, your audience is going to decide what is good or not, not the personal preferences of your team.

2. They are trying to be on all the platforms instead of going hard and deep on one.

Have you really, truly, tried going deep on your Instagram strategy? Are you spending quality time connecting intentionally on LinkedIn? Stop cross-posting content onto every platform and start curating intentional content that speaks the language and culture of just one.

3. They are not using email marketing.

An email subscriber is a future customer who just needs further nurturing. Your email address is the only true marketing property you own and the majority of sales happen in this channel. Not only can you be using email marketing, but have a solid strategy that works.

4. They are overlooking new platforms like TikTok.

Can you still have success on older platforms like Instagram? Sure, with a lot more work involved. If I told you that you could double your efforts in half (or a tenth) of the time, would you finally take the plunge? You won’t regret it. I promise.

5. They are not treating Social Media as a full-time job.

Those who are taking it seriously are seeing the results. Full stop. Some businesses have a team, some a single employee, but do not have your tasting room manager juggling two important company positions. Then, you’ll be sacrificing not one arm, but both.

Final Thoughts

You will always be pivoting and changing with your marketing efforts, however staying in a mistake for too long can cost your business quite a big loss in revenue, slow your growth down and hinder your success. Fortunately, there is always time to turn things around and if the efforts are not generating the results you want, take some time to reflect where the gaps might be starting with these 5 mistakes above.

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