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– for the Wine Industry. 

⚡️ Do you want more people to

KNOW who you are?

⚡️ Do you want more people

TALKING about your brand?

⚡️Do you want more people PURCHASING your products & services direct?

…. If you answered YES

                                     listen up….

You know why you’re not getting the results you want in your Business? 

You’re becoming irrelevant. 

You’re becoming a victim of “Digital Darwinism”

the evolution of customer behaviour when society & technology evolve faster than the ability to exploit it. 

Let’s take a minute to break down the facts.

  • As of 2019, there were 3.5 billion ACTIVE DAILY USERS on Social Media – 45% of the world’s population (Emarsys, 2019) 45% 45%
  • 90.4% of Millennials actively use Social Media 90.4% 90.4%
  • 77.5% of Generation X actively use Social Media 77.5% 77.5%
  • 48.2% of Baby Boomers actively use Social Media 48.2% 48.2%


And you’re still DABBLING in using it for business?

Your excuses:


I don’t have any TIME to be on Social Media


I don’t GET Social Media – so my nephew does it for us


I don’t SEE how a few pretty pictures can move the needle in my biz


I need to see a positive ROI before I “invest any time on it”


I’ve been doing Social Media.. but it doesn’t work. 

VS the truth.



Everyone has the EXACT same amount of hours in a day


Your nephew, has he ever RUN a business or had marketing training?


If you’re still just posting pretty pictures, YOU ARE RIGHT, you need a new strategy. 


You’ll need to INVEST the time in order to see a POSITIVE ROI!!


Social Media DOES work – and your competition is currently taking your market share.

The reality?

While you sit there allowing yourself as a business owner and your operation become irrelevant,

there are BILLIONS of customers looking for:


Solutions to their problems


New and exotic wines to try


Loyal brands to follow


Products to show their friends to


Businesses that cater to their life experience

They are waiting for you in the digital world they are living in. 

Are you ready to meet them there? 

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” When I started my wine tourism business in Piedmont, I severely underestimated the power of Social Media too. ⁣

Actually, until I tapped into its powers for business – I hated it. ⁣

After using SM as the sole marketing channel to grow that business & influence guests into trusting us to invest at a minimum 500€ for a DAY trip with us, from the other side of the world, WITHOUT even knowing or meeting us… I started to believe in its potential. ⁣

What I discovered, was so powerful that I felt like I couldn’t keep it to myself. ⁣

I felt like more businesses NEEDED to believe in it too – this untapped & unexploited source of powerful business growth. ⁣

Since then, I have helped businesses around the globe with their social media presence – growing their audience, raising their influence, lining up sales opportunities & building a solid online brand that with have a knock-on effect way into the future. ⁣

I’ve interviewed some of the wine world’s best Social Media Marketers & Influencers like Emily Maze from Wines of Substance @kickasswawine, Becky Williams from @nakedwinery, Moriah Wilson from @PeltzerWinery & Georgia Panagopoulou (@wine.gini) where I discovered things like INSTAGRAM being the DRIVING force behind their business, since the very beginning. ⁣

⁣Although I have had the honour to help some big brands, I don’t feel like I have done enough. ⁣

These channels have the potential to help SO many more Wine Businesses and owners like you.. so I have discovered a way to make a bigger impact, reach more people & make it as economic as possible to do so.⁣”



1️⃣ Who is the course for?

Business Owners/Freelancers/Marketing Professionals in the Wine Industry


2️⃣ What is in the course?

The Course is being DESIGNED for YOU. What that means; is that if you get in the BETA round, I will be analysing the status of your brand where it is right now & creating personalised trainings that will specifically move your business forward online.


3️⃣ Who has already joined the group?

As of today, we have Winery Owners & Winery Marketing Freelancers in the group. The units so far have been catered to their needs. 3 out of the 10 BETA spots have been filled. 


4️⃣What are the contents of the course? 

Right now, the units are:

SOCIAL MEDIA AUDIT: Get started by finding out what’s missing from your profiles & where your strengths are.

HOW TO’s: Discover how to do all those things you’ve always wondered like presenting your wine to your audience, adding spaces in your captions or create a headline that makes people read your content. 

MASTERING INSTAGRAM: how to use this platform properly for business so you can show up for your customers direct.  

CONTENT TYPES: What kind of content should you make to gain your audiences likes, trust & following.  

THE BASICS OF PERSONAL BRANDING: Using LinkedIn to gain authority & build a brand that influences. 

USING LINKEDIN TO GROW YOUR CLIENT BASE: gain sales from your computer at home with DONE FOR YOU TEMPLATES. 

(The units are growing as members grow, as the trainings are tailored to your needs. Guest experts will come in to train on areas I am not so qualified on)


5️⃣ How much does it cost?

Access to the course, all the trainings, 24/7 coaching & mentoring guidance from myself, my team & other experts in the group is handed over at an investment of $97.00 USD a month on a reoccurring membership. (Price will go up after BETA ROUND – but you will stay at this price point if you get in first). You can cancel membership at any time. 


6️⃣ It’s a little out of our business budget (especially with what’s going on right now).

I understand the fear you might be feeling – but the only way to tackle current events like these it is to face them head-on and work on creating a solution! Bringing your business online will help you ADVANCE during this epidemic & set you up for the future. Plus – it’s tax-deductible !! 


7️⃣ How many hours do I need to put in?

It’s totally up to you. You can progress with a couple of hours a week. The more effort you put in, the more you’ll get out… and what else are you doing during quarantine??


8️⃣ What is the learning format?

All trainings are in video format. Some videos have worksheets that go alongside or immediate action steps you can take; pause the video, take action, and see immediate results.  


9️⃣ How often do we meet or is it self paced?

It is all self-paced, but I will be available at any time to answer your questions or concerns. Once you join, you will be let into a private Facebook Group where you can find all the training that you can access at anytime. Any questions or training requests; pop it in the group and we will get onto making it ASAP. 


???? Who is this group not for?

This group is not for you if you are not willing to put in the effort required to move your business forward. Crush @ Social have other “Done for you” services that take the effort and energy off your hands but within this super affordable alternative, you’ve got to be willing to put in the hours. BUT if you ARE already putting in the hours into growing your platforms, we will cut down your trial and error process, save you thousands of hours you’ll be putting in anyways & maximise your results!!!

 ???? Here is what I am divulging in the group ????


Social Media Inspiration – including case studies, viral content trends & wine industry niche-specific examples


Content Curation & Creation  – What type of content should you post, how to come up with content ideas, tools that save you time & copywriting done for you templates


Raising your Influence – because who doesn’t want more likes, shares, comments, saves, profile visits, followers, reach and EXPOSURE


Branding – How to position yourself online so you never have to worry about your competition again


Strategy Advice – From Digital Strategy to Social Media Algorithm & Growth Tactic Tips 


Why Social Media & Why Now? Can you say EARLY ADOPTER PERKS!? Help DESIGN the course – we will craft trainings based on an analysis of where your business is now & your end goals.


Virality – What are some of the BEST ways to go viral? FREE Brand Awareness, HELLO!


Social Media for people who don’t GET Social Media & people who overthink everything – stage fright, anyone?


Evelyn Hill - Marketing & Social Media Freelancer

“Before I joined Crush @ Socials Academy I was really struggling with keeping up content ideas and getting content out. For the winery, I manage we always had beautiful content but I was struggling optimizing it.

For my own brand, the academy helped me hone in on what I really needed to improve and optimize. It showed me I had a lot of work to do, but helped increase my engagement a lot!

When I started working with Chloe I really felt like I finally had direction. I was able to identify weaknesses in my brand and my winery and was able to finally make a plan. She helped me structure things out and focus!

I feel so much more confident with my social media and digital presence after working with Chloe! I always hesitated if the content was good enough, should I post this, is it worth it, am I doing enough? Chloe and Crush at Social really helped build up my own confidence in my and my Winerys brand and social media!

I still have to get through the whole course but already by Unit 3, I am feeling so motivated and excited to see what results I will get!

I would recommend this for really anyone who wants to take on their own social media! If social media ever seemed a question mark to you, or à ” eh it’s not important” this course is for you!! Ideally for wineries, but so far the course has been so relevant even to my other nonwine brands.”

Emma Shaw - Assistant Winemaker for Collector Wines & Founder of Pique Nique Wine

I cannot recommend Crush at Social and Chloe more highly. Chloe’s insights into our business’ social media absolutely hit the nail on the head. I loved that Chloe’s advice was perfectly targeted to our business and gave us actions we could implement straight away, as well as some longer term goals that we are working towards. This was all accompanied by the extensive research Chloe has done into the future for social media over the next few years, particularly the direction the big platforms are moving towards, which really gave me a good context and understanding for all our social media work.

Since implementing Chloe’s advice we have seen our social media posts reach three times the number of people they normally do – one post even reached 65% new users. The next social media post received twice the number of comments and interactions we normally receive. Using the advice Chloe gave us we are continuing to improve our social media presence, letting people know about our brand and getting sales.

If you are thinking of upping your social media game I really recommend you speak to Chloe first and see what she can do to help you.

Thank you again, Chloe, for all your insights and your friendly advice!

Are you ready to TAKE MASSIVE ACTION & prepare for economic impact?

Do you want more people to KNOW who you are,

TALK about your brand,

& PURCHASE your products & services?

????Here is what you’ve got to do ????


1. Create your account via sign up form below


2. Enter your payment details


3. Shoot me a message anywhere on social


4. I will send you the link to the Private Facebook Group


5. Start learning & building your brand online


P.S There are 7 number of spots left of the BETA ROUND.  As a reminder, the people who join in the BETA round will more 1:1 attention & specific digital coaching and advice tailored to move their business forward.

As the group grows, so will the content & the numbers of people we need to serve! 

SO if you’d like a more tailored strategy, jump in quick!

P.S Don’t be a victim of “Digital Darwinism” – don’t become irrelevant.

Your customers are waiting for you in the digital world they live in – are you going to meet them there?


Membership Level

You have selected the Social Media Course membership level.

The price for membership is $97.00 per Month.

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Payment Information We Accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover


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