If you manage a business on Instagram or want to become an influencer in a particular niche, then you are reading the right article. Ingramer is a multi-purpose service for Instagram marketing that attracts the target audience. It helps communicate with clients on desktop, boost engagement, and curate feed. Moreover, its DM messenger is the most forward-looking tool that works like a CRM system for businesses. If you want to keep the audience engaged and enhance the level of your client management, keep on reading attentively.

I will tell you all the truth about the 4.6-star (based on Trustpilot reviews) service and describe its functionality so you can decide whether it’s worth it or not.

The description of the Ingramer tools

This service is available for mobile and desktop, and it includes 11 tools, most of them are free. Ingramer often introduces new instruments and updates its existing instruments too. 

Hashtag Generator. I hope you know that hashtags can organically increase the reach of your content twice. But do you agree it’s a time-sink to manually research hashtags on Instagram? It’s impossible to copy them and paste them in the caption. You need to type in a special file. Forget about this lengthy procedure – the Hashtag generator will suggest you the same hashtags you only need to tick in the boxes and copy from the bar. You just need to type any keywords, insert a link, or a photo you are about to upload. It’s one of the most convenient tools and the most practical Generator present in the market.

If you still don’t believe in hashtags, see the results of my hashtag strategy. My post was discovered by 59% of users who were not my followers (thanks to hashtags):

Direct Module. If you need to answer DMs on the big screen, don’t miss out on this tool. It offers much more than a messenger in-built on Facebook. You can label users, leave notes, and personal info right in this tool. It’s handy when you need to operate orders, and your employees can see this essential data from their devices. 

Moreover, the Ingramer Direct enables a wide range of automated messages. You can greet your followers with a welcome message, send DMs in bulk to various groups based on filters, and set auto-replies to frequent issues. Instead of reading about it, try the Direct free demo version. It’s an excellent way to determine if you need such a tool regularly for your Instagram marketing.

Scheduled posting. I bet many have heard about content planners for Instagram. This tool will make your posting consistent and timely. You won’t need to wreck your brains every day and sometimes forget to upload a new piece of content – you can simply schedule for the month ahead in Ingramer. 

It enables even to pre-plan Stories and edit publications after they were posted. A special feature which I like and I haven’t seen before – the auto-updated description. What is it?

With the help of this feature, you can test several hashtags sets, i.e., 90 hashtags per post. You easily paste them in the Scheduler, and they will be changed in 10 minutes and in 4 hours. It’s super convenient that you don’t have to change the caption manually 3 times.

Automated growth. Pay attention to this service if you need to attract new people to your page that are interested in the content around your niche. We all need followers, huh? So, what Ingramer does, it will interact with other profiles on your behalf while you can relax instead of spending hours on IG. It will like posts, view Stories, and follow people if you allow it. Thus, these users will pay attention to your profile and will be willing to check it out. If they like the content/product, they push the sacred Follow button.

What is essential, you set a smart targeting (by hashtags, competitors, followers of your followers, usernames, demos), so Ingramer focuses on the users who are your potential clients, who belong to your niche. That’s how you will get the genuinely interested audience in a short time without actually doing anything and spending time. The tool has a safe mode, so be sure that Ingramer won’t perform more actions than you will naturally do.

Free Ingramer services

As I mentioned before, Ingramer includes a bunch of free essentials for every Insta user. Here they are:

Profile Analyzer. If you need to research Instagram profiles and know everything about your competitors, check out this tool. There is no chance you will find such insightful data right on the IG app. 

And why do you need this info? Let’s say you have the list of competitors and try to determine the key to their success. You just need to copy their username and paste into the Analyzer, and voila. You will see what time they usually post, what their top posts are – most liked, and most commented, what hashtags they use. You even can analyze the words they use in captions. Also, you can use this tool when looking for influencers to cooperate with. The Analyze will count their engagement rate so you can grasp if the activity is genuine.

Instagram Downloader. Ingramer is a goldmine for those who need to save content from social to re-use it and repost across social accounts. Here you can find a fully-fledged downloader for IG: it saves posts, videos, IGTV, Stories, and the whole profile in 100% quality. 

Moreover, you can use the auto-save Story tool and the Stories of a particular account you need will be collected in your Ingramer profiles. So, you won’t need to check and monitor them every day. What is more, Ingramer offers downloaders for Facebook videos and Twitter videos. You only will need a link to the media you need to save. The downloads are forever free and unlimited.

Instagram Search. Surprisingly, this tool is also free, while influencer marketing platforms charge for using their database of bloggers. Ingramer offers a similar search for nothing.

You can find popular Instagrammer by determining the category, niche, and the number of followers. What is convenient, you can pass to the Analyzer right from the search results page to research any profile you want.

Story viewer. This tool is getting extra popular. All IG users want to spy a little bit and view someone’s Stories without revealing their name on the list. You can do it on the Ingramer website. Just paste the username, and the recent Stories will appear on your device in a few seconds.

Fonts generator. Tool for everyone who wants to get spotted with an attractive bio, caption, comment, IGTV description, etc. It lets you replace the IG default font and use more stylish options. Ingramer has a preview on their website so you can view how a font will look from the mobile device in the IG interface. Fancy fonts are now a big trend; influencers and brands use them to emphasize the information they share on the Instagram community.


All in all, Ingramer is a really worth service for those you use Instagram not just for sharing pictures with a close circle of people. If you are a digital marketer, entrepreneur, or influencer, you will find this tool package 100% useful and worthy. If you don’t understand how to grow engagement and audience with these tools, you can find helpful info in their blog. I would recommend Ingramer for everyone who understands the immense earning potential on Instagram.

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