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Building successful social media strategies to grow your business online just got easier!

You are seconds away from the essential training, advice & support you need to plan, create & grow a profitable, meaningful social media presence.

Ditch the old school methods,

sell more direct to your consumer

& use social media to save you time (and make you more money). 


Imagine the freedom….


You want to have clarity and feel confident in your social media strategy to know that your time and energy are being invested wisely. 

You’d like to find your voice online & carve out your influence so you can feel respected and be heard.

You want to skip the trial and error process and jump straight ahead to legit strategies that save you time and bring profit. 

You’re yearning for a place you can feel supported and cared for on what can feel like a lonely online business journey. 

You’re looking for a one-stop-shop for all things social, so you don’t have to spend your weekends down the youtube rabbit hole. 

You need guidance in finding your 1st, 2nd, and 100th customer online to grow both B2B opportunities and DtC channels via social media. 

You need an affordable alternative to hiring an expensive digital team to keep your business alive and thriving through a global pandemic. 

If it is time to eliminate guesswork and stop throwing stuff at the wall in the hope that something sticks, and need a step-by-step roadmap to follow… you are in the right place. 

It’s not just possible, but happening for the Academy members!

How will the Crush @ Social Media Academy help YOU?

Listen to our Members:

♠ Over 35 video trainings – skills, tactics, strategies & masterclasses.. and we’re JUST getting started!

♠ Templates – captions, swipe files and case studies for when you don’t know what to say or don’t have time to create it. 

Social Media Immersion deep dive on each of the platforms; Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn & YouTube with proven strategies for growth tailored to the wine industry

♠ 24/7 support – coaches to answer your questions on demand and experts to help you execute your plan.

♠ Private community & connections – build lifelong industry relationships with fellow members who will cheer you on your online journey and help keep you accountable.

♠ 1:1 coaching sessions with Chloe – personalised consultation opportunity every month to hit your next online milestone.

Deep-dive into each of the platforms (Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube + growing) so you know exactly how each of the platforms works. 

Understand how social media platforms fit in with each other so you can strategically use each platform for the purpose of a bigger goal

Self-audit your social media and digital strategy to see immediately where the missing gaps are which are preventing your sales

Systems, procedures, and workflows to help you stay on top of your social schedule and never miss a beat to growing your business online

Social Media prompts & templates; for captions, copy-writing, video, stories, both for B2B and B2C content.

Social media strategy (for each platform and your marketing ecosystem as a whole) to get your business from point A (where it is now) to point S (where you want it to be)

Live behind the scenes workshop sessions: take a sneak peek at exactly how I carry social media for top tier clients/myself. 

Proven tactics, tips, and tricks for real and authentic platform growth – updated frequently to match what’s working today.

Learn how to craft video content, including how to host virtual events, wine tastings, and evergreen content that converts 

Top trending monthly hashtags for Instagram and LinkedIn 

Using each of the platforms for b2b and dtc growth; how to grow distributor base and direct customer base, using social.

 Email marketing strategy including plug and play templates for nurturing, converting, and retaining customers

 Paid advertising strategies that work for e-commerce & service-based businesses in 2021 for Facebook and Instagram

 24/7 access to private Facebook community to build new relationships & for you to ask any questions and connect with other students going through the same things as you 

1:1 coaching sessions every month, personalised & custom to hit your next online milestone 

BONUS: 8 session sprint series including the entire flow of converting your audience into lifetime customers 

BONUS: How to go viral on LinkedIn strategy in 9 steps including exclusive behind the scenes video series 

BONUS: Guest training’s from marketing experts; blogging, Pinterest, target customer audience messaging, and more.

I’m Chloe Cristallini,

Full-time Social Media Manager & Strategist for the Wine Industry.

When I first started my wine tourism business in 2016 in Piedmont, I became a student of Social Media Marketing. 

What I discovered was so powerful, that I felt like I couldn’t keep it to myself. ⁣

Since then I have helped businesses around the globe with their online presence – growing their audience, raising their influence & lining up sales opportunities to help the owners spend more time doing what they love. 

I launched the Crush @ Social Media Academy to give you the EXACT strategies that I used to create freedom in my life and create freedom for these business owners.

Shortcut through the trial and error process.

When I first got started using Social Media to grow my business online, I was guessing my way through… just like you.

I followed online “experts” and invested in courses which were not industry-specific and wasted a lot of time testing strategies to see “what worked”. 

I wanted clear and actionable steps and needed results… fast!

That’s what inspired me to create the Crush @ Social Media Academy’s training format. 

From the moment you dive into the video training, you get step by step guided information that leads you to a result. No extra thinking involved as it’s tailored for our industry!

Step 1

Learn how to grow a captivated audience to create brand advocates and a solid community. 

Step 2

Qualify your audience as potential customers, so your efforts are distributed wisely on those who will actually buy from you. 

Step 3

Keep your customers interested so they don’t fall off and chase your competitors products. 

Step 4

Turn your one time purchasers into repeat customers who click onto your website and buy from you, continuously. 

Join the Academy  

– $47 / month.

Join the Academy  

– $499 / year.

Trusted by

These are some of the brands we have worked with!


Academy Members words..


emma shaw testimonial

“I cannot recommend Crush at Social and Chloe more highly. Chloe’s insights into our business’ social media absolutely hit the nail on the head. I loved that Chloe’s advice was perfectly targeted to our business and gave us actions we could implement straight away, as well as some longer-term goals that we are working towards. This was all accompanied by the extensive research Chloe has done into the future for social media over the next few years, particularly the direction the big platforms are moving towards, which really gave me a good context and understanding for all our social media work.”

Emma Shaw 

Assistant Winemaker for Collector Wines & Founder of Pique Nique Wine

“When I started working with Chloe I really felt like I finally had direction. I was able to identify weaknesses in my brand and my winery and was able to finally make a plan. She helped me structure things out and focus!”

Evelyn Hill

Marketing & Social Media Manager for the Wine Industry

I’m pretty new in the world of social media. I opened our IG Instagram page last October to support my husband business as winery owner of a family business and before I joined Crush @ Socials Academy I was struggling to find out the content to publish. After I started working with Chloe I was finally able to focus on the overall strategy and finding out which content to put out there became much easier. Furthermore I find this academy really interesting because it provides with a comprehensive overview of the of all the social media platforms and gives you the tools to find which one suits best for your business and how to succeed in each one of them. I would definitely recommend it to other wineries like us, who want to make their social media platform grow and shine.”

Giovanna Vaschetto

La Spinona Winery Barbaresco

Join the Academy  

– $47 / month.

Join the Academy  
– $499 / year.


Crush @ Social Media Beta Academy FAQ’s

How is billing handled?

For an easy process for you, your payment will be automatically processed – monthly or yearly depending on which membership you choose. As successful Social Media Marketing relies on frequent updates to match the ever-changing nature of the beast, trainings and strategies are constantly updated. This model helps you stay on top of current trends & prevents you from wasting time in implementing old ones!

What is the learning format?

All training is in video format that you can access immediately. Some lessons have worksheets that go alongside or immediate action steps you can take; pause the video, take action, and see instant results. We also have monthly live coaching sessions where we will walk through your online business goals together. New lessons are also added regularly!

Is there a minimum amount of time I need to sign up for?

Not at all – feel free to join for one month or stay months on end while your business grows online.

Who is this membership right for?

This membership was designed and caters to wine industry professionals – we have winery owners, wine retail managers, solopreneuers like sommeliers and wine marketers so far enjoying and getting results from the course. 

Have the students in the membership seen results?

Many have seen huge results like new distributor leads, new customers and new clients – with clarity and confidence in the online space growing daily!


How often do we meet or is it self paced?

The academy is self-paced, but myself and other experts are available to answer your questions or concerns. Once you join, you will be let into a private Facebook Group where you can find all the trainings that you can refer to at any time. 

I do not have time & do not like to work for results, is this membership for me?

No. Check out some of the other services from Crush @ Social which include 1:1 done for you services for businesses who are time or staff poor. This membership is an exclusive do it yourself model – hence the affordability of the membership. I will teach you how to have success, but ultimately your results depend on you (or your team member) doing the work. 

I am not in the wine industry, will this membership help me?

Although the trainings are focused on the wine industry, all teachings can be applied to any industry and you will see success. Some of my top clients are luxury brands, however not necessarily in the wine industry.

Join the Academy

– $47 / month.

Join the Academy 

– $499 / year.