As a winery or wine business owner, you are probably very quickly scrambling to learn all the latest social media tricks as the world turns digital. It’s no doubt that you already have a Facebook or a LinkedIn account, but yet to discover their magical workings for selling your wine products or services online. 

Social networking sites like these represent only one of the various types of social media platforms. What about all the others that smart wine marketers and wine business owners use to reach a wider audience? 

Let’s discover.

1. Social networking sites (Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn)

These kinds of networks are for, well, networking. Many wine businesses don’t yet understand the use of these for business (which is understandable, hello Aunt Sally) – but any professional will benefit from being on at least one of these. 

Not only can you;  

  • Share thoughts
  • Post content
  • Upload photos
  • Go Live 
  • Find groups based on interest
  • Create advertising campaigns

BUT gain essential insights about your target audience and customers. 

Crush @ Social Tip: Try using groups for your wine club members to create community and strengthen relationships. 

2. Media sharing sites (YouTube, TikTok, Instagram)

These are similar to social media networks; however, their primary purpose is for sharing media like photography or video content. The objective here is to provide entertainment that sparks conversation and let your audience help write your narrative. 

Crush @ Social Tip: Encourage user-generated content (audience to snap photos of your wine product or service) by rewarding them or and including them in your larger mission. For every image posted by your audience with your business hashtag, donate an amount to a charity or cause.

3. Discussion forums (Quora, Reddit)

These are used to find, discuss, and share news and opinions. The primary use of these for wine business is to conduct market or content research. Find what topics are trending, what values people are discussing and create content on your platforms that contribute to the conversation. 

Crush @ Social Tip: Sharing polarising views will help tighten your community. Be brave, and share your thoughts. 

4. Bookmarking and content curation networks (Pinterest)

Used to discover, share and discuss new, old and trending content or media. These platforms are a goldmine for wine people seeking creative inspiration, planning holidays or events and needing ideas. 

These play an epic step in a longer-term social strategy or marketing plan, but your efforts are more sure to pay off. 

Crush @ Social Tip: Think about travellers who may be planning a trip to your region in the future; what will they be researching to see, experience and do? Or think about the wine lover, at home due to travel restrictions, who wants to host an event or evening for family or friends.

5. Social review networks (TripAdvisor, Vivino, Trust Pilot)

To find, share and review information about brands, products and services, food, travel experiences and more. What is one of the first things you do when planning a wine trip or researching a wine product online? If you are like most people, you’ll search straight for the reviews. 

What people are saying about your business online helps you understand the customer experience from their eyes. Keep an open mind when hearing from your audience, p.s there is always room for improvement. 

Crush @ Social Tip: Get your business and products on as many review sites as possible. This is your chance to let your brand advocates sell your wine products or services for you. Don’t be scared of negative reviews, business is long, improvement is part of the journey. 

6. Blogging and publishing networks (Medium, WordPress, LinkedIn Articles)

To create and publish long-form written content. Not only will these platforms help you express your thoughts and connect better with your audience, they help establish authority and drive traffic back to your website or path to purchase. 

Crush @ Social Tip: Get an expert in to help you on SEO (or at least take a short course) – this will help you capitalise on your blogging efforts. Don’t let your hard efforts go wasted. 

7. Sharing economy networks or re-seller hubs (Tannico, Vinomofo,

Sites like Tannico, Vinomofo and aren’t just convenient places to find international wines. Sharing economy networks bring wine people together and help producers get their products into the hands of the people searching for it. These communities allow for opportunities that wouldn’t exist otherwise without tech.

Find the right social media platforms for your winery or wine business. 

Social media comes in many different varieties. Blend a few different types (or as many as you can) to help your wine business bud online. Think clearly about your end goal, think creatively, and most importantly keep it fun. 

Crush at social helps wineries, wine businesses and wine professionals grow their business online using social media and digital marketing strategies.

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