One of the rapidly growing digital marketing trends today is Interactive Content. Some examples of interactive content being used today by businesses are Shoppable posts, AR/VR Ads, 360-degree videos, Embedded Calculators, Quizzes and Polls.

Are you planning to use interactive content to promote your products and services? Here are a few good examples of online interactive content that you can take inspiration from:

It’s interesting to see that 91% of buyers are now actively searching for more interactive content online. Aside from being modern and unique, this type of content makes consumers feel more connected to the brands and gives them a more valuable shopping experience.

Digital marketers are now starting to respond to this development by changing the focus of its content marketing, from the traditional text-based content to engaging content, to give customers a unique and more valuable immersive experience.

Here are a few reasons why Interactive content will be one of 2020’s top online marketing trends:

  • It’s new and original, making it stand out among the other types of content.
  • It merely gives visitors reasons to stay on the page they’re browsing.
  • It’s easily shareable – at least once, we have seen someone share his/her results on social media from a quiz as trivial as “What kind of cheese are you?”.
  • The shareability of your content increases your brand awareness as it reaches more audience.
  • It’s more engaging and more remarkable to consumers’ buying experience, which can help you generate more results for your business.
  • Simply put: We just love to interact!

To help you start with your Interactive content strategy, here are 7 types of Interactive Content you can use when marketing your wineries or winery business online:

  1. Interactive Infographics
  2. Interactive Video
  3. Polls and Surveys
  4. Calculators
  5. Assessments
  6. Interactive E-books and White Papers
  7. Interactive E-mails


Start making your content a two-way conversation. Use the story feature on Instagram to create interactive quizzes and find out more about your following, so you can better serve them (and perhaps even start making the wine they prefer?).

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