Customers have grown tired of seeing generic ads which are irrelevant to them.

According to research, “63% of consumers are highly annoyed with the way brands continue to blast generic advertising messages repeatedly”. With so many consumers having a bad experience with generic advertising, it’s not surprising that Personalized Marketing is becoming a trend this year.

Businesses now see that traditional and generic advertising is continuously becoming ineffective. People are changing TV channels when commercials start to play, and some even spend extra to make their music streaming services Ads-free!

Based on an Epsilon survey conducted to 1,000 consumers, 90% “find personalization appealing” and 80% “are more likely to do business with a company if it offers personalized experiences”. As business owners, giving consumers a personalized “brand-to-customer” experience is now a must for us. And there are plenty of ways to do that.

Ways to do Personalized Marketing:

  • Video
  • Digital Advertising
  • Email
  • Social Media

Rise of the “Dark Social” Conversations

One of the game changer trends in personalized marketing for brands is the “Dark Social” conversations. 

In essence, “dark social” conversations are “all the private conversations and social sharing that is happening online without data and analytic attribution”.

These private communication channels have now become popular as more people use these in sharing information. 80% of websites traffic have come from these direct and private conversations, taking over social media by storm!

Build Deeper Connections with Authentic Stories

According to Jessika Phillips, a Social Media Strategist and founder of NOW Marketing Group (a Forbes recognized Agency Partner and a certified inbound partner with HubSpot), 2020 should be the year when a company builds more profound connections with their customers through their authentic story. Companies should establish ways of doing business that make it easy to acquire and keep customers and make them your brand “advocates”.

When you create or enhance your relationship marketing strategies, you need to build and manage “community conversations” which make “brand advocates” and encourage a “belonging” vs. “buying” mindset. Otherwise, you will waste more money using “pay-to-play” systems that are not guaranteed. Increase the quality of your customers’ experience online via conversational marketing through chat and personalized customer experiences via dynamic ads, video emails, and text.

Another way in which brands can add more “personality” into their brands, putting heart into their content, is by joining feel-good causes and making a strong stance in what they believe. Brands can also look for partnerships with their clients or team members as a form of influencer marketing. 

Businesses will also be incorporating more native tools like appointment settings and purchases of Facebook, shopping within stories, convenience-based integrations and messenger subscriptions. 


If you want 2020 to be the year that you make marketing personal, you leverage the advantage of these discussed platforms. 

One of the most popular strategies for personalized online marketing is the Segmented email lists. Results show that personalized email blasts perform 3X better than generic emails sent to your entire list! There are a lot of email marketing tools, like MailChimp and Constant Contact, and marketing automation tools, such as HubSpot and Pardot, that make list segmentation easy to do.

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