With how e-commerce and social media are growing over the years, it’s not surprising that brands are actively using these two platforms (Instagram and Pinterest) to increase their brand awareness and boost sales.

Are you planning to use social media channels to increase your winery’s brand awareness and wine sales, too? Let’s take a look at these statistics to help you decide!

There’s no doubt that E-commerce and social media have become part of businesses’ digital marketing strategies. And as more consumers shop for products through the ads they see in their social media feeds, visual platforms like Instagram have become goldmines for digital marketers in increasing sales!

This change has prompted merchants to sell more via their social media channels and leverage on this massive potential by using shoppable posts.

Fortunately, Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook have responded positively to changing consumers’ behaviors over the years.

They created ways for e-commerce stores to make shoppable posts by using a native integration that makes it easy to tag products and for shoppers to buy products directly in your posts. Aside from these, shoppable posts have also become a great way to drive traffic to product pages for online retailers.

According to HubSpot, shoppable posts are “Instagram’s next big step in becoming a more business-friendly platform.” Before, your Instagram followers can check your products only through the link in your bio or from the links in your Instagram Stories. Merchants now find it easier to sell on Instagram with its shoppable posts feature!

In March 2019, Instagram launched Instagram Checkout, which lets users complete their purchase within the Instagram app. This feature is currently in the beta stage and available only to US businesses and users (e.g., Global brands like Adidas @adidaswomen, @adidasoriginals & @adidashoops and H&M @hm). But this feature will be made available to more businesses and users soon!

You may have also learned that Instagram is hiding likes, and you’d start to worry that the app is declining. 

Well, worry, not!

Now is the best time for you to look at other measurements of success on Instagram, other than the “popularity vote” through “Likes.” If you’re used to basing your performance on Instagram on the total number of likes your posts have generated, now is the time to focus your marketing efforts on creating unique and quality content. And the best way for your content to be discovered is to add the relevant hashtags to your post.

Further, AgencyAnalytics has listed the seven Instagram metrics you should be measuring, which are more critical than “Likes”:

  1. Follower Growth Rate 
  2. Engagement Per Follower
  3. Website Traffic
  4. Link Clicks
  5. Comments Per Post
  6. Instagram Stories Engagement
  7. Reach


While selling alcohol directly via Instagram through a shoppable post is strictly prohibited, it doesn’t mean consumers aren’t actively searching for a wine to buy via Instagram. 

Your consumers are there, and they are always looking for brands that match their values and lifestyle. Make sure you have a clear flow from post – to a website that makes purchasing easy and accessible for all who are willing to leave the platform to buy your wine. 

Bonus tip: Give your customers incentives when they click your post and go to your website to buy your wines.

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