This year isn’t about spreading your advertising on all platforms. 

It’s about reaching the right audience with the right message. Marketing is now about the quality of engagements more than the quantity.

So how can your company do this?

Focus on one thing you want to be well known for

That’s according to Peg Fitzpatrick, a blogger and the co-author of the best-selling book, The Art of Social Media: Power Tips for Power Users. He has led successful social media campaigns for Virgin, Audi, Mercedes, Google, and Motorola, and brand ambassadorships for Adobe, Nestlé, and Kimpton Hotels.

When using social media for your business, you can pick two platforms and master them. 

In selecting platforms to use, consider your ideal client, best-performing content, and platform demographics. Here are some platform combinations you can use:

  • Pinterest + LinkedIn
  • YouTube + Instagram
  • LinkedIn + Instagram

After choosing what platforms to use, make a sound hashtag and keyword strategy around your company’s core and have your marketing intensely focused on it.

Create and use strategies that are more fit and specific for your brand to achieve your marketing goals, not a generic tactic that everyone else is doing.


Stick with two platforms until you are crushing them both, only then start thinking about bringing in a third.

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