We are in a period when consumers are showered with many options, regardless of what industry. 66% of consumers reveal that they “feel connected to a brand whenever they trust it.” And the one way to get their trust is to build a strong brand.

Branding has become necessary now more than ever because of Google’s E.A.T. ranking factor, which means:

  • Expertise: the page needs to have quality content written by an expert writer
  • Authority: the site itself needs to have some authority on the subject
  • Trustworthiness: the site needs to have other authoritative links pointing to it from trusted sites

    Since Google wants to provide excellent user experience, they do more than ranking good content. They require the most accurate, current and substantial content on any given subject, preferably produced by the authority in their respective field.

    For example, if a medical blog provides incorrect advice that will lead a person to assess and treat himself wrongfully, it will not be suitable for that blog’s brand or Google’s reputation of providing quality results. So as we progress and SEO advances, Google may go after and be tougher on major industries, specifically in health and finance, where precise information is crucial.

    Neil Patel tells marketers to centre their attention to building their expertise and authority in their field. They can boost their reputation by doing guest posts on industry-leading blogs, speaking at conferences, and by applying for awards. Also, remember to put an updated author bio at the bottom of all your published content to “build brand recognition and earn readers’ trust.”

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